Social conversations on TV shows

TV is fun. Be it English Premier League in ESPN, breaking news or reality shows on popular channels - we love TV programs & interact with them on social networks like Twitter. These interactions on social networks (news parody, star gossip) are no less fun than the shows themselves.

What if someone offers you an option to get these additional social conversations directly on the TV while you are watching the show ?

Come October, we bring you next generation TV experience by merging your favorite TV shows along with real time social conversations about these shows in a dead simple way on the same TV screen. e.g. while you are watching an EPL match on Star Sports on your cable/satellite TV, we will provide you an option to enjoy real time fan wars on twitter about the same match directly on your TV screen alongside the match without missing a single moment of it.

No hunting, no thinking – Press a button on your good old remote and the content pops-up, at your service.

The best part - you don't need an internet connection or a smart TV to enjoy it. It works with your existing cable/satellite connection on your 21 inch old CRT TV that your dad bought 10 years back.

The TV need not be smart. Your cable/DTH operator must be!

. . . . .

Currently Twitter on TV is live on:

Write to us at to know more about the product.

Freemium Movies

Bollywood is a hosepipe. Khans, Kumars and Kapoors alone act in more movies than you can practically watch in theatres. So you resort to pirated DVDs or torrents.

No more. We bring you latest bollywood movies for FREE on Airtel DTH channel 155. Wait, before you mistake us for another sundry movie channel - we bring you movies that are as new as 3 - 6 months in original print without a single commercial AD break!

What is the catch? You see it in 75% of the screen space instead of the entire screen. The remaining 25% screen is used for an L-shaped ad. You can watch the entire movie for FREE in 75% of the screen or pay Rs.50 to watch it ad free. The choice is yours. Remember - we do have families to feed.

It's more like watching the movie on youtube but on TV with better audio and video quality. Needless to say, unlike youtube, even your old grandma can watch it.

Give it a try and let us know your feedback.

iExam - India prepares with us

If someone told you that its harder to crack IIT/AIIMS/IIMs without professional coaching, she is probably right. But if she said you can't make it to these top schools if you live in hinterlands of India or because your dad can't afford these costly tuitions, you need to tell her about iExam.

We bring you the best of professional competitive test preparation services from brands you trust - Aakash Institute, Career Point and T.I.M.E. at never heard of prices.

No need of going to Delhi for their classroom programs if you think that's not your cup of tea or its just out of your budget. iExam brings you their coaching material, sample questions and solutions straight to your doorstep - ON YOUR TV.

The level playing ground is set! Just study hard and make history.

TV App Store

Why should TV lose out in the war of Android and iPhone?

Presenting the DTH app store! You will be spoilt for choice here too. Games, photos, movies, recipes or social networks, you will find them all.

Not just that, we understand how much you love your TV shows more than the smart TV's of the world. With us, you can browse your apps while watching the TV show in full screen till the time you decide to launch the app in full screen mode.

Again, the TV need not be smart. Your DTH operator must be!

Watch out for further announcements.